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Creative/Art Direction: Kari Fox
Design: Kari Fox & Ardi Wahyudi
Messaging: Kari Fox
Marketing Strategy: Kari Fox
ZAG Technical Services

ZAG Technical Services is a service provider for Managed IT Solutions that serves many different market sectors. They approached us with the need to get better recognized within the agricultural market.

The first step was to define the brand pillars and positioning that would cater to the ag market while upholding ZAG’s parent brand. From there we created a 4 month digital campaign that offered a variety of content including a free cybersecurity risk assessment, educational whitepapers, infographics, and a landing page to show the value and need for cybersecurity management within the ag sector.

We recommended they attend a few produce tradeshows to get more brand awareness. For this we devised a series of digital ads placed in various industry news advertorials to drive awareness. We crafted emails catering to growers, producers, distributors, and packer/shippers that encouraged booth visitation and offered rich and relevant content.

Their goal was to gain 6 qualified leads by the end of the campaign. At the end we had over 15 qualified leads.