Wealth Engine

Client: High Net Worth Investors

Objective: Increase awareness of alternative investments, particularly among high net worth investors ($500,000+)


  • 21% open rate

  • 2.50% click through rate (CTR)

  • 1,250 landing page views

Creative Drivers: The Wealth Engine campaign needed to tie into the Millennium Trust brand while branching outside the box of things that had been done in the past in order to reach new prospects. The brand had been defined with black and white photography, and one of the reasons for this campaign was because many investor portfolios are pretty plain (aka black and white). I felt we could play on highlighting alternatives as being different from the norm and therefore we could “add color” to their portfolios.


  • 46% open rate

  • 7% click through rate (CTR)

  • 37,620 landing page views