User Personas

Client: Pilot Catastrophe

User personas are exceptionally important in marketing because every group is motivated differently by different things. Knowing not just your audience, but how they are going to engage with your product or brand is crucial to the success of a brand.

Problem: In this scenario, Pilot Catastrophe was doing a complete overhaul on their website due to low engagement. When asked who their typical audience was the answer was “adjusters and stake holders”. As we dug deeper, we found that “adjusters” was a really broad group that desperately needed to be refined into different categories based on age and also office vs field work. Stake holders were also divided into two groups. Those that were already clients, but didn’t understand the full scope of services, and prospective clients.

Solution: The end result was the realization that they really had 6 user persona groups that all learned and engaged with the brand very differently. By defining these groups respectively they ultimately ended up with more adjusters, more sales, and more clients.

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