ACHP Digital Campaign

Client: Alliance of Community Health Plans

2020 Roadmap: The 2020 roadmap was created to help highlight the glaring issues in today’s health care system that were clearly intensified by the effects of COVID-19. It was written with the intent of showing problems and the solutions in an ever-evolving world of unknowns.

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Executive Summary: The executive summary was created to be a quick takeaway of the the roadmap, but was very high level.

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Podcast: Healthcare is a beast of subject and we wanted to highlight the important sections of the roadmap in ways that would help keep people engaged and informed. We utilized social platforms, google ads, radio, and a landing page to bring all of the information to the broadest spectrums of audiences.

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Annual Report: The annual report was a yearly recap on the successes and changes within both the world of healthcare and ACHP as an organization. This year, due to the pandemic, we created a totally digital landing page that was easily accessible to all board members.

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