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Creative/Art Direction: Kari Fox
Design: Kari Fox & Ardi Wahyudi
Video Production: Alex Pasternak
Messaging/Scripts: Kari Fox
Digital Strategy: Kari Fox

ND Ag Campaign

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture needed help to promote a new legislation that, if passed, would allow animal agriculture and farms to be more attainable within the state. Historically, ND had some of the most restrictive corporate farming laws that prevented outside entities and non-residents from buying land and doing business in the animal agriculture sector of farming.

The campaign focused on legislative, producer, corporation, and consumer groups to educate and enlighten on the importance of allowing animal ag and how it actually benefitted the communities to allow these types of farms in the state.

We targeted these specific groups using TV, print, web, social media, digital, and targeted ad buys in various publications. The ads were a huge success and the legislation was passed.